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Ladies and gentlemen of Greater Atlanta, please welcome your new neighbor, R&B legend D'Wayne Wiggins, of Tony! Toni! Tone'!  Mr. Wiggins has generously opened the doors to his 13-acre estate for community service, business ventures, creative collaborations, and workforce development. Aptly named Electric Church, with Lake Magnolia at its center, teaming with life, and birds singing from majestic trees all around, the land is a naturally energized creative hub and scenic event space, delivering peace you can feel the moment you arrive.  


Please use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us. To talk to someone on the phone, please send a text or voicemail message to The HIP Team at 404-904-5046. We will contact you as soon as possible.


D'Wayne Wiggins presents

D’Wayne Wiggins Presents specializes in entertainment and stage production. We offer the best in entertainment component management including full-stage production, talent coordination, entertainment facilities, and operations management services. We operate within the realm of industry-standard music and television production. We have the flexibility to offer a  diverse mixture of production and Music concepts that cater to the needs of our clients and partners.


Private Use

Contact us about using Electric Church for private retreats, family reunions, or other special interest gatherings.


Community Programs

Before you contact us about visiting Electric Church, you should know that your support benefits some great community service missions.   


Wellness Services

Wellness services including Yoga and Qigong are available by appointment with Yogi Ami, Director of Health Education and Wellness Curriculum.


Voices of Foster Care is a cutting-edge efficacy initiative for youth aging age of the foster care system. Learn more...


Music is Therapy

Did you know that playing an instrument can improve breathing, posture, immune response, hearing, coordination, reading, listening, 

concentration,  and even math skills? It's true!

Other benefits include confidence building, violence prevention, and stress management. 


Guitars, Not Guns.


  Guitars, Not Guns aims to put musical instruments in the hands of young people who might not otherwise be able to own one.

The Youth Aid program offers entertainment production and business training on an industry level to young artists with high potential and an interest in professional careers. 


Quick HIP Internships

Crash courses in the business of art and self-management of talents.


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